• In 2017 summer, I attended the Antigua Project which is the third collaboration organized by Rebecca Welz, Professor at Pratt Institute, and student designers and local artisans working together to fabricate products using sustainable, traditional materials and craft techniques. 
    Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala, famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture. I stayed there for 3 weeks and was honored to have been given the chance to collaborate with the artisans who work with their hands and the traditions of the culture that have been passed down for generations and learn from them.
  • Semuc Champey in Guatemala
    I was inspired by the wonderful landscape Sumec Champey in Guatemala. The lake is intact with the vivid color. I try to express my idea and design the pattern which could be done by the local weaving techniques. Also, I try to find some structure of the stool which could be made easily by the limited manufacturing tool and local material.