Morpho Helmet

  • The Morpho Helmet is a bike helmet that will make cyclists easier to spot at night in order to strengthen the safety. It emulates the structure color of the wings of the Morpho butterfly. The iridescent structure makes cyclists easier to spot at night with zero-electricity to avoid  the crash. Furthermore, the organic form of the helmet not only strengthens the structure but also makes it effective. It is easy for women with ponytails to wear because of the opening at the top.
  • The project was inspired by nature. The Morpho butterfly, which can be seen in dense rain forests, gets its color not from any exterior pigment, but because of the way light reflects off the microscopic scales on its wings. The collaboration of the “Morpho” with nature is the main concept of my helmet design. I try to replicate its iridescent quality and apply it to the helmet for safety.
  • When a cyclist wants to make a turn, he/she will look behind to check whether or not it is safe. The changing angle will cause the reflective material on the helmet to detect the lights from the headlight of the car behind. The helmet will spot automatically following the cyclist's head gesture without any additional power.
  • Design by Jay Qian