A Country Doctor Ibook

  • This is an iBook designed for Frank Kafka’s, “A Country Doctor.” It is a combination of story, music, illustrations, and animations, which can be downloaded from iTunes and read on an iPad. The plot follows a country doctor's hapless struggle to tend to a sick young boy on a cold winter's night. My feeling towards the story is, “a fantastical and bizarre dream,” so the illustration style is colorful and exaggerated.
  • Original Sketches
  • "On his right side, in the region of the hip, a wound the size of the palm of one’s hand has opened up. Rose colored, in many different shadings, dark in the depths, brighter on the edges, delicately grained, with uneven patches of blood, open to the light like a mine. That’s what it looks like from a distance. Close up a complication is apparent. Who can look at that without whistling softly? Worms, as thick and long as my little finger, themselves rose colored and also spattered with blood, are wriggling their white bodies with many limbs from their stronghold in the inner of the wound towards the light. "
  • Left: " The sick man’s parents rush out of the house, his sister behind them. They almost lift me out of the carriage. "

    Right: " I was already standing in the courtyard ready for the journey ... I stood there useless, increasingly covered with snow, becoming all the time more immobile."
  • Working in process
  • Testing gesture