Experimental Concept Brand "My Bag"

  • This project includes designing logo, patterns, catalogs, the background wall and decorations of a shop.
    “My Bag” is an experimental fashion brand, which encourages people to have a positive attitude towards life. I got the inspiration from the security checks at airports: rather than passively wait for others to search our bags, why not show them initiatively? 
  • I took all my personal belongings to a hospital and X-ray them.  
  • Adding colors to each items
  • Each bag have different patterns, and each pattern indicates a different social status and personality. For example, "student bag" have a camera, cellphone and a key chain; "sports bag" have a pair of sneaker and a bottle of water.
  • Generating patterns
    (Left: keys, mirrors, and perfume bottles; Right: lip gloss )
  • Editing photo and write words on each face
    Credit: Monoface
  • Draw illustrations
  •  The product catalog was designed in the format of  a safe guide on airplane.