Valentine's Day Illustrations for Jill Platner

  • 14 Days 'til Valentine's for Jill Platner

    When I was approached by my long time friend Richard Van Streain Low for this Valentine's Day project for Jill Platner, I was overjoyed. I was a big fan of her work for a long time and although I had limited time to finish the paintings, I thought, "How hard can it be to paint solid objects made from silver and gold?"... It turned out to be quite challenging as each little piece was hand-made. I could literally see the artist's hand work, the uniqueness of every stroke, the inspiration from nature... After looking at every piece for hours, I am a bigger fan than ever. 

    For more information on this project you can also read my interview on the JP Blog:

    Special thanks to Brooke Williams for her beautiful photographs that I used for inspiration and our interview for the blog. 
  • Thank you :)