• SIAE   •   italian society of authors and publishers

  • The Towner by Moleskine   •   online magazine about cities​​​​​​​ and culture

  • Inter 110   •   he110, this is Inter. and this is our story

  • FOLD by Moleskine   •   ​​​​​​​magazine for art, trends and talents

  • l'Ultimo Uomo   •   magazine of sport and culture

  • PRISMO   •   ​​​​​​​magazine of contemporary culture

  • MINA   •   feminist lifestyle magazine

  • il Tascabile of Treccani   •   ​​​​​​​the younger brother of the italian encyclopedia

  • EasyCoop   •   online shopping and delivery

  • The Towner by Moleskine   •   ​​​​​​​special printed issue

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