Snack Smart

  • Snack Smart 
    A healthier snack picking tool.
  • People today are distanced from the food they eat. Physically, food are produced from far away, and this physical distance leads to emotional disconnection with food. Although recently the awarness of healthy diet had been raised. the information of food is still short of comparison and visualization, and most of the time it confuses and overwhelms consumers. The numbers of calories and percentage tells the universal fact but hard to be associated with personal life. In my opinion, It is important to offer the audience not only a guideline of healthy diet but a mind set. Therefore I purpose Snack Smart.

    Snack Smart is a mobile App functions as a self-help device by offering a list of healthier alternatives to satisfy foo cravings. According to Dr. Colleen Huber, NMD's research, when people crave for specific food, it means our body needs specific substance. And there is usually a better and healthier alternative that can curb the craving and satisfy the need. Snack Smart is based on her research, categorizing normal craving and poviding healthier choices.
  • - Hypothesis -
    Busy people whose lives are stressful ususally spent less time and attention on planing their meals. The fast paced life makes them tend to pick up the most handy but often unhealthy fast food. A mobile application can serve to raise awareness and improve diet; by offering clear, simplified and comparable food information, and an intuitively-operating user interface.
  • "We have overemphasized on how much we eat, instead of what we eat and how we eat.”
    Snack Smart records the "craving history" using the color system, so users can observe and find out their craving patterns and be more awared of it. Personal snack alarm setting helps users to keep regular eating pattern, avoiding the rush decision making and overeating cuased by the extremely hunger.
  • -Thesis Book -
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