Boston One - Logo design

  • This project is commissioned by a client who started her realty business in Boston, MA in 2017. Her clients are mostly Chinese people so she preferred an oriental logo. It occurred to me that the traditional Chinese seal is the most representative thing to display formality in Chinese culture. The logo is not only a graphic but also a type and it is both decorative and communicative.

    這個 logo 是為一位遠在波士頓的房地產經紀人製作的案子,這位客戶將她的房地產公司命名為Boston One,專攻華人在美置產的市場,他希望 logo 能讓華人產生共鳴,我腦中於是馬上浮現字畫或是文件上蓋滿了的有方有圓、各式各樣、紅通通的印章的畫面。

  • The red colors of the ink matches the color of the Boston Red Sox, one of the most representative icon of Boston.​​​​​​​
  • The font itself could be used to compose a Chinese pattern.

  • Thanks for taking a look!