• Ghostbabble- An immersive and interactive ghost chat.
  • Ghostbabble was an imaginary event website demo. It is  interactive and based on a ghost chat which allows user to "message" new ghosts everyday for a month. Each ghost has different personalities and can be unlocked everyday. 
  •  At the end the user is allowed to pick their favorite ghost and get socks based on their favorite ghost. A bag is also part of the event as a promotional tool and can also be bought at the end of the event. The following are socks which I screen printed. The socks are part of the imaginary ghost chat event, GhostBabble. The socks ideally would have screen prints of every ghost and the user would receive the socks they desire after the event is finished. 
  • Initial sketches for the interactive event website. The typeface chosen for the website was Sofia Pro (a geometric sans serif font) at varied font styles. After sketching out the concept and visuals around the interactive website, there was a lot of clarity in the direction I would take the project to and without the sketches I wouldn't have been able to create such a comprehensive and finished piece.