The Fantastic [True Story] of Nutrition

  • This project was the culmination of my Master degree. 

    This thesis looked into bringing an emotional approach to nutrition facts and nutrition. Storytelling was found to be engaging, memorable and interpretive, and a possible addition to understanding the facts. The project aims at gradually changing the children of today and the upcoming generations, by reaching out to their homes and schools, where parents and tutors can be role models and guide children towards healthier eating habits. 

    The project consisted of building a display for schools, where teachers and parents would learn more about the campaign and pass it along to the children.
  • The "StoryPack"
    This is a kit that contains two main promotional items for this campaign: story-starters that combine fact and fiction for children to write their own stories with the help of a tutor or parent. The starters (found in the banana bag) are placed in a notebook so the child and the tutor can refer to once writing or reading the story. The other item is a package with real food inside. It contains a sample of a healthy food along with a fairy tale story about nutrition. These packages would vary in stories.

    The kit is distributed in schools and taken home with the kids so they can refer back to it whenever they want a good read on nutrition.