That's Toast!

  • That's Toast !  
    This was the brand name chosen for a new Brunch which has opened in Bruges. That's toast is new place for nice food and service that is affordable. They pride themselves on using toast with every meal they serve.
    For That's Toast! Toast is a form of celebration. Identity design, packaging and some illustration on the restaurant walls was based on a simple, Young, Cosmopolitan but distinctive idea, following the client’s brief. 

    That's Toast owners : 
     Steven Wamelink & Wang Yijie


    The repetition of the T letter shaped it giving us the opportunity to make it like a toast
    In addition, we have made the logo font with toast texture.

  • Visual Identity
    Meet the TOAST family 

  • interior design​​​​​​​

  • entrance
    Toast family on restaurant windows welcoming the guests.

  • terrace

  • stationery 

  •               Menu for winter season                                                                                                         Menu for summer season.

  • that's toast instagram 

    Indigo Award 2018 THAT'S TOAST
    Category : Non-Professional Branding
    Position: Gold Winner in Logos Category -  Gold Winner in Branding Category  - Silver Winner in Illustration Category

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