• the station is a desktop organizer (also user centered/custom design kit) that contains several functional elements to organize and conveniently keep jewelry/small items: 
    - glass bulb ring holder, 
    - wooden ring holder (small), 
    - wooden bracelet holder,
    - paths for chains preventing them from tangling, small pendants and brooches, 
    - arc-shaped stand for large-sized rings and hairgrips,
    - stairs-shaped stand for earrings and badges,
    - retractable table mirror, 
    - multifunctional base. 
    The set consists of 8 constituent parts, which are assembled in one-piece construction reminiscent of an imaginary space station. The alternation of glossy black, white and transparent acrylic glass makes the structure look like caramel.
  • Design & Idea: Sasha Braulov & Nasya Kopteva (52 FACTORY)  
    Photo: Nasya Kopteva