• Samsung smartband_Grafit

    We designed a smart band for customers who use the fitness center. It can collect and analyze individual's exercise data for better exercising plan. Design is based on the keywords simple, convenience, and classy. Asymmetric curves are used to emphasize the sportiness that can give you energetic mood in the fitness center. We can call it 'grafit'.
  • We focused on getting out of the general form of a wristwatch that could interfere with exercise 

  • Using medium and hard silicone material that is resistant to sweat and water, minimizes discomfort during exercise and maximizes durability of smart bands. In addition, a thin slanting bumper pattern was given to the silicon band to produce a more sporty feel.
  • It has the versatility to charge the smart band quickly using micro 5 pin.

  • Direct contact with the skin made it easy to transfer heart rate and data by using an aluminum case that is good for current flow. In addition, the body and the bottom plate are designed so that the inner electronic parts are safe for sweat and water.