Beautiful Losers Limited Edition DVD Packaging

  • Limited Edition DVD Package design for an independent documentary about the DIY movement created by rebellious teens who went on to become internationally recognized street artists.

    For this packaging, I focused heavily on the user experience and wanted to incorporate interesting revealing elements that allowed for something more than just a DVD package while clearly communicating the documentary's message through branding.
  • side A: various collectable skate deck art posters from each of the featured artists in the documentary.
  • side A extended: artist bio (description of the featured artist's life and path to widespread recognition as touched on in the documentary--in this case Shepard Fairey).
  • side B: aerial view of the skateboard grip tape representing the rebellious carefree DIY culture.
  • Side B extended: opens up to reveal the DVD panel with information about the documentary and directors beside it in the form of gallery text to represent the artists' progression over time.
  • skateboard side flaps fold back for convenience and easy access to DVD.