oroló - all natural cosmetics

  • oroló
    The new cosmetic brand inspired by a small city Burundi, Africa. The project emphasizes the sustainable approach by using all natural ingredients and by-products materials from local people in Burundi. I got inspired by the African make-up and hand-craft products that have simple patterns and dedicated color pallet. The name "oroló" came from a combination of French and Kirundi language. The consistency of the brand is a core of developing a brand system that can be applied to different packages. 
  • powder peau | rose
    handcrafted in the center of burundi, africa – our skin powder formulas are infused with the finest natural blends of tropical floras, with a non-irritating – yet light and smooth texture. protect your skin from harsh climate conditions while enhancing the hidden nature and ephemeral beauty of your skin.
  • lipstick lèvres | vermeil yuex 
    handcrafted in the center of burundi, africa - levees vermeil gives you a silky soft touch on your lip with a natural color and moisturizing power. keeps your lip natural and luminescent in all conditions.
  • compact yuex | gris fumeux 
    handcrafted in the center of burundi, africa – our eye-shadows use organically extracted essences of tropical floras to create a new fusion. creamy, pressed powder formulas generate precision detail control. the soft touch of colors will smoothly cover on your skin, transforming your beauty for a wide range of exotic and confident looks.
  • The concept of all natural cosmetic is not only products that utilized natural ingredients but also packages that use paper from by-products and non-chemical colors. The idea of using paper stock from by-products of sorghum plant which grow significantly in Burundi will increase jobs opportunities for the local people as well as decrease the unavoidable waste the curse from by-products.