Exhibit Design @TAIWAN DESIGN EXPO'17

  • Exhibit Design @TAIWAN DESIGN EXPO'17

    Partner: YENTING CHO 
    Photo: Jystem Kuo

    Size / 380cm*380cm squared, 30 cm to 270 cm in height
    I was in charge for the “YENTING CHO Scarf” section exhibit design in Taiwan Design Expo'17.
    To me, the design vocabulary of the brand “YENTING CHO” involves dynamic, sequenced and interactive.  

    The exhibition ‘YENTING CHO Movement – Pattern – Object’ presents his latest designs for luxurious textiles alongside exciting new works from invited designers who used MovISee to create their own patterns for a range of products, from clothing to food.

    MovISee is an interactive software designed by Yen-Ting Cho. Digital information such as photos, images and text, can be manipulated by MovISee to create unique abstract patterns.
  • YENTING CHO’s abstract patterns are created from a bespoke software program that uses body movement to reconstruct personal digital information.
    The resulting multi-layered patterns are unexpected, dynamic and individual. Rebelling against traditional symmetry, YENTING CHO's unique patterns on a range of silk and wool scarves and interior products create a distinctive aesthetic and special mood.

    Aiming to deliver an interactive and dynamic atmosphere, we created an colorful structure within a low brightness environment; the structure itself is a half-opening space, triggering the viewers to enter and take a closer look to each YENTING CHO Scarf.
    The highest and the lowest heights of the top of the displayed scarves are 270cm and 150cm.
  • Designed by Caleb Ko / YENTING CHO @2017_summer