• D.O.C.

    Partners: YENTING CHO / Frank Chen
    Photo: Jystem Kuo

    / 2*2 Ceramics
    / Round plates, 11.5”

    "D.O.C." represents: Document  Of  Ceramics. 
    Since the pattern was generated via the coding software - “Processing,” I consider the abstract pattern to be a genre of digital documentation format, using ".doc" as proprietary format and inspired the title of the entire project.

    The plate collection is based on the transferral of the human senses (taste, smell, etc.). It challenges existing figurative patterns on objects that are abundant in the world around us; and aims to provoke discussion about the reinterpretation of abstract concepts.
  • The pattern will be  a "way" to document certain area, like cities.

    The consequence of relying exclusively on vision as the perception to create illustrations is the excessive repetitive output. Besides, the connection between object and pattern hormally does not fully explain its origin, neither maxmize the potential value. As a result, I have been searching for the other element that could complement the flaw and be embedded into the link. 

    "Critical Regionalism”
    - “The fundamental strategy of Critical Regionalism is to mediate the impact of universal civilization with elements derived indirectly from the peculiarities of a particular place. It is clear from the above that Critical Regionalism depends upon maintaining a high level of critic self-consciousness. It may find its governing inspiration in such things as the range and quality of the local light, or in tectonic derived from a peculiar structural mode, or in the topography of a given site,” said Kenneth Frampton.
  • I defined the sequence based on the "Perceptual Dimensionality" of the senses, which is the space delivering the Sensory stimulation, and it mutually differs between the senses. The dimensionalities ranged from the lowest to the highest and will be the respective order. 

    I applied the target region as an object, reimaging how our senses will feel about the specific region and document it via the pattern.

    Tainan = target region in this D.O.C. project.
  • I started layering the patterns based on the defined sequence.
  • The pattern was finalized by MovISee, an interactive software designed by Yen-Ting Cho. Digital information such as photos, images and text, can be manipulated by MovISee to create unique abstract patterns. I obtained the help from Professor Cho, importing a self-edited footage about Tainan City into MovISee and introducing student from engineering background to write the coding.
    With visualizing the human senses (taste, smell, etc.), except for the sense of sight, the abstract patterns are presented respectively on the four plates with 2*2 arrangement. In D.O.C. project I used Tainan City as the reference to create the patterns.
  • Designed by Caleb Ko @2017_summer