PALCO / The Next-Gen Stage


    NCKU Graduate thesis project
    "Designsurfing" - Business Model Innovation Award
    Partners: Shao-Fan, Chu / James, Chan / Wen-Che, Cheng
    Photo: WU2 CREATIVE
    Manufacturer: PU TEN PRODUCT MODEL 
    PALCO is a public facility concept aiming to radically reshape the live performance industry, by considerably lower the required cost, yet still enable the performing lovers to enjoy the professional "on-stage performance" effect.
  • James, one of my graduate thesis project partners is an indie musician, he is the founder of Banyan Gang, which is a underground rapper group with some repute among the hip-hop circle in Taiwan. They encountered the harsh reality that they received few chances to perform on stage In the early career of Banyan Gang.

    We decided to alter the situation. At the end of the day, hopefully more and more people acquire chances to spark in their PALCO moment.
  • PALCO connects four other characters involved in its business model.

    Proprietors exchange their space for the usage rights of the stage on weekdays.
    Performers could use PALCO stage network to attract more audiences for free.
    Advertisers might crave to place the commercials since PALCO attract people.
    Audiences gain the free music experiences in weekend.
  • Considering the Noise Regulation, PALCO has the built-in volume constraint during the weekdays. The screens on the PALCO stage would only shows the upcoming performances info of the week and the sponsorship ads. The local proprietor could also utilize PALCO to boost their business, such as playing the product promoting footage.
    Of course, PALCO serves as a large bench as well.

    On the weekend, PALCO gets the party started. Every single performer would be asked to register their ID and username at the website below before they kick start their PALCO journey. They will be given the verification immediately after the performers pass the online usage tutorial, acquiring the fundamental knowledge of the operating system.
  • Designed by Caleb Ko / Shao-Fan, Chu / James, Chan / Wen-Che, Cheng @2017_spring