Shoe Cleaning Essential (ROAMER)


    Whenever the dirt stains or grime appear on shoes always make people feel eager to scrub it away promptly, particularly sneakerheads. However, there is no suitable tool to assist the footwear cleaning being conducted straightway. 

    ROAMER, a cleaning kit that makes you look smooth, polished and professional on the street. It is a bundle of portable shoe cleaning tools held by magnetic force.

    Each constructed units serves additional function such as Substitute Bowl inside, minimizing the required space with precise measuring. It is a kit that could assist people handling proper cleaning treatment for their sneakers or dress shoes outdoor immediately.
  • There are lots of limitations that making the direct footwear cleaning outdoor implausible. I had conducted several research on different aspects include “Simplified cleaning procedure”, “Tools container references” and demand analysis from Matt Powell the Sneakerologist.

    Accordingly, I was looking for a kit able to provide proper treatment fitting either sneakers or dress shoes.
  • I generalized the required tools and cleaners from sneakers and dress shoes, synthesizing the objects into a compacted combination.
  • Designed by Caleb Ko @2016_spring