Black Otter Turkey Carver

  • Turkey Carver visual model.  Foam, electrical cord, turkey carver blade, on/off switch, balsa foam, acrylic paint. 

    It is called the 'Black Otter' because of its shape- it is reminiscent of a sea or river otter's body.
  • First rough sketch model- blue foam. 

    The form was much more organic, but had to be modified in later iterations because it would not stand upright by itself.
  • Iterative sketch.

    This sketch was done before the second foam iteration, to address the first model's inability to stand upright on its own.  The back 'foot' was given more contact surface area.  The blade and cord areas begin to be defined here.
  • Second sketch model

    The form retains an organic feel, though two supporting 'feet' are added to help the piece stand upright.  Two small protruding prongs (far left on the model) indicate where the blade is to be inserted for use.