• "purify your body with fresh nature"

    ORA is a new aroma inhaler product line that allows customers 
    to experience a further medical treatment. We present a signature 
    product which is personal inhaler that is easy to use and immediately 
    absorb the medication. Ora also provide extension products that add 
    flavors to enhance their treatment, they also can buy mixed herbs 
    that provide a variety of choices such as orange, lemon, lavender, 
    and mint. All the products utilized 100% natural ingredients. 
    No addicted and highly safe for your health. 

    This project is school assignment that challenges students 
    to create a concept of a family packaging.
  • Product line
    Inhaler / Healing oils / Herbs 
  • Healing oils for different symptoms (refillable)
    Asthma / Nasal / Cold / Migraine 
  • Mixed herbs for different flavors (refillable)
    Orange / Mint / Lemon / Lavender 
  • Create your own set!
  • Transparency paper wrapping for a set to reduce the material for secondary package.  
  • Sign
  • Display / Stand
  • Invitation Card
  • Inspiration board
  • Logo sketches
  • Final logo
  • Primary typeface: Cera
    Secondary typeface: Clear Sans
  • Packaging system sketches