The Brooklyn Stoop - Bedford Library

  • This ink painting represents how we talk about issues. The smudged splatters are problems, whether they be racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. We either work through them, work around them, or ignore them completely. For this project, I really wanted to attack some of the problems, like gentrification. While gentrification is not the entire concept of my project, it was important that there was a respect for the families who exist in the neighborhood. I wanted something that felt authentic to the people it served.
  • Gentrification collage
  • Central glass box. Currently set up as a gallery space, but could be used to service one of many programs, like citizenship help, literacy programs, etc.┬áthe library already has to offer.
  • Hand sketch and "rendered" in photoshop. This was a color study of the Brooklyn Public Library in Battery Park.