2017 Retrospective

  • 2017 Retrospective
    Clients Include: Disney, FOX, ESPN, Lockheed Martin, NBA, Guns & Ammo, Atomic Sport, HorrorHound Magazine, LitJoy Crate, 500 Level, and TimeBeards
  • Character Illustrations for Disneys 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'
    Client: Disney
  • Apparel Designs
    Client: 500 Level
  • Advertising Illustrations for FAI Soccer Team
    Client: Atomic Sport
  • Key Artwork / Illustration for the Armed Forces Bowl
    Client: ESPN / Lockheed Martin
    Advertising Agency: Pytchblack
  • Character Illustrations for 'The Gifted' series on FOX
    Client: FOX
  • Editorial Illustration for Guns & Ammo Magazine
    Client: Outdoor Sportsman Group
  • 'It' Editorial Design / Magazine Cover
    Client: HorrorHound Magazine
  • Deadpool: Alternative Film Poster - Self Initiated
  • Dirk Nowitski Illustration
    Client: NBA
  • Harry Potter - Marauders
    Client: LitJoy Crate
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Prints - Self Initiated
  • Logan Alternative Film Poster - Self Initiated
  • Jackie Brown Alternative Film Poster
    Client: TimeBeards
  • Night King - Self Initiated
  • Punisher promotional print - self initiated
  • Justice League Alternative Film Poster - Privately Commissioned