• Room 0,1
    This space explores the line between dream and reality; the real and he surreal, the physical realm and the digital realm. The work makes you lose your sense of presence in the world. What is real? Are we already living in two realities: the digital and the physical? Are we constructing our own illusion? is this a Dream or is it reality?
  • Due to the large technological developments that we have experienced during the past decades, Qiuyi realized the importance of bridging the boundary between the virtual technology realm and physical reality ream. By bring 3D forms which constructed our cities and organic forms form nature into posters. These psychedelic forms are the collision between precisions brought from the digital world and the artist’s subconscious brought from the analogue hand making techniques. Staring at these 3D forms, the overwhelming mix of reality begins to vibrate, and as they vibrate they reform into new visual surrealism of the environment.
    Is this a dream or is it reality?

    In this three-week project I work with Claudia (echo chamber) and Kumi (hologram) and created a room of experience. I did 3D posters designs that I later hand-painted over 250 posters with highlighters and acrylic paints, and some animation for the holograms to create this overwhelm environment for the audiences. 
  •  Photo Credit: Qiuyi Chen
  •  Photo Credit: Kumi Oda
  • Hologram Animation Example that was displayed during the show