Yankees | Main titles

  • The Yankees // Opening Titles
    I was asked to create and work on an opening title in the motion design course at E-artSup, Lyon. We got one month to work on our own to learn the opening titles designing process. I chose the WW2 topic and the army military because I'm in love with war movies and TV shows such as ''Band of brothers''. and ''Pearl Harbor''. Many tips and tricks were given by the mentors and I also paid and followed the main titles course by Motion Science

    Music : Hans Zimmer - Honor him (Gladiator - complete score)
  • Opening Titles // (Better watch in full screen with highest quality, and headphones.)
  • GIFS // (Some compositing and color corrections).
  • COMPOSITING GRID // (consistency between them for a better opening title)
  • FRAMES // (quality and compositions).