Melitta - The History of Coffee

  • The history of coffee, told by Melitta Bentz 

    Melitta Bentz was the one who invented the pour-over coffee filter in 1908.
    Living in Germany as a housewife she found a new great way of coffee brewing. 
    And it is still very popular even after more than 100 years since her first experiment.
  • The Team: 

    Client – Melitta, U.S.
    Idea – Kate Humbarger Burke 
    Style and Arts – Sasha Marchuk
    Animation Director – Timur Seif 
    Animation – Aleksandr Pavluk 
    Composing and Effects – Helen Galak  
    Sound Design – Pavel Drach
    Production Manager – Victoria Aleksandrova  
    Studio – Darvideo Animation Studio,