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    As messenger apps grow in popularity as the 21st Century’s go-to choice for communication, we at Yaka Design Bureau decided to do our part by creating stickers – featuring images dear to every American since childhood and capable of expressing the widest range of emotion possible when using a messenger app.

    Our team’s valiant brainstorming led us to conclude that the ideal images would be those of classic American sweets, based on the following article (link) in BUSINESS INSIDER.

    We selected the following all-American sweets to be used, such as:
    • CANDY BAR 
    all hailing from the 19th Century.

    Download complete sticker pack here download link

  • All stickers within the set can be broken down into the ten main emotions used in messenger apps.
    See for yourself! 



  • Download complete sticker pack here

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    Oleksandr Geffen - Art Director
    Bogdan Shpak - Illustration
    Nastya Zhiltsova - Post Production
    Anatoliy Yarandin - CEO
    Kateryna Dubinina - Model

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