Lunch box for Sharing

  •   KAN BOX is a food container designed to circulate within the local community, the purpose of this box is to encourage large portion cooking and meal exchange experience, as a result, minimizing energy use and food waste in everyday food preparation.
      KAN BOX has only one size, with a special indent indicating 1/2 and 1/3 of the volume. Each box can be a good size one serving of protein, vegetable, carbo or a soup based on how much food you put inside.
      The idea of this design comes from the nowadays popular sharing economy. The design of KAN BOX is not to replace other outside dining options like restaurant, take-out or fast-food, but another option to cook and exchange meal with our neighbors, friends, and colleagues.
  • - How does it work
      Imagining three people each preparing three dishes for a meal, everyone needs to think of three different dishes and spend an hour on cooking. Chances are they might cook similar food and the use of water or electricity are repeated. Now if there’s a network one can share his/her cooking plan, find the other two who are interested in exchange meals, then each person will only spend 20 minutes cooking one dish, less utility used. After the exchange, each person can enjoy three different dishes.
    - Why you need it?
      KAN BOX is the media of this whole food exchange experience. It is a standard one size container with simple measurements, the uniform design allows its circulation within the local community. To this low-cost reusable re-heatable container, people will more likely to use, exchange or even replace it once its aged.
    - What are the benefits?
      By promoting meal exchange and optimizing kitchen utility use, people can better plan their meals, spend less time on cooking, cut down the usage of water, electricity, and gas and also save money on buying food in bulk.
      The exchange experience will not only let you try someone else’s cooking but also better understand others through palate.
      People who always have superfluous cooked food can pack food in the KAN BOX and trade it for others in need so it won’t expire in the fridge. For people who don’t have time cooking, it is also a new way to enjoy quality food.