Baby head protector_amor

  • Enclose the head with the figure of the pentagon of the front part based on the shape of the cap. It is a design that forms a hole naturally while the upper part is divided into two grooves. The combination of the form and the 2D form emphasizes the beauty of the shape of the guard and, depending on the size of the head, It is possible to adjust the distance and, unlike other types, inserts the module horizontally.
  • It is visually safe and looks cute when worn by infants. In addition, functional materials are used for ventilation, and the chin strap connection method which differentiates from other products is applied. Many sketches, 2D patterns, and prototypes were produced to study the shape and size of the baby's comfort when worn.
  • The prototype was made based on the average infant hair size between 6 months and 12 months, and the overall shape was studied focusing on ventilation and skin contact area. The goal was to find a cute and sophisticated line while avoiding the heat and sweating as much as possible.
  • The chin strap detachment solution with magnetic buckle makes it possible to remove the head guard more quickly and safely. This makes it easier to separate the chin strap and head protector for easy cleaning.