Kiva Experiential Campaign

  • Two teams work together to overcome the maze,The Lenders and Borrowers, who each represent the users of Kiva. It's sinuous path and obstacles before reaching the end reflect the the struggles of someone growing or reaching their potential, thus reflecting the Kiva experience.
  • This experiential campaign for Kiva would exist in crowded and open minded places, such as music festivals. There, the maze mimics the Kiva brand experience. 
  • The Lender team uses the app to assist the Borrowers to get through the maze. They receive loan requests from the Borrower team.
  • Once the borrowers inside the maze reach the obstacle, they send a loan request to the Lenders. Receiving the $25 loan will open the door for the Borrowers to continue.
  • When first logging into the app, the user selects if they wish to start a team of Lenders or Borrowers. As a Borrower, they are greeted with actual Kiva users to select a team to join. From there and throughout the maze, they will follow their journey using Kiva.
  • Similarly, the Lenders can follow a team who is ready to join the maze, as well as give loans and learn about the other teams.