• moco mouse project is a practice of CAD and rendering tools through redesigning a Logitech M325 wireless mouse. The goal was to discover the design possibilities of an existing product and to portray a particular design language through forms. 
    I wanted design a mouse that stimulates simulates the sense of a blast, speed, and tension from driving. When designing moco, I employed details such as faceted surfaces and stream line forms to capture the essence of a racing car.
  • Sketches
  • CAD Model
  • 360 View
  • By taking apart the M325 mouse I have, I discovered two top shells, a clicker and also a stopper for that. Therefore, my idea was to design a one-body shell that inherent the clicker stopper. I turned the side walls (ergonomically designed for grabbing) slightly vertical and increased the wall thicknesses, which give enough width for the clicking motion.
  • 3D Print
  • June 2017