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    Where I come from, life used to be simple in the times gone by. People were not out to harm others, and competition was only of the healthy sort. People would work hard for the basic amenities during the days and relax with community activities during the evenings. They lived in harmony with each other and with Mother Nature herself. I can always vividly and fondly picture the wonderful evenings where people would gather round a neighborhood bonfire and indulge in some dance, music and a collection of kitchen secrets. Yes, there were vices for sure. If someone fell alarmingly ill, chances were he/she was already lost. There was no long-distance communication or electric power either. Which is what I (and many people I know) long for. A small, jolly bunch of peaceful, self-sufficient people. A life of peace and lesser complications. Life, as life should be! That is why I am proud of the people of my clan before me. The people who actually "lived"!