• Final 3D Printed Appearance Model
  • Concept Sketches

    I did three main approaches towards a mouse design, focusing (from left to right) on the human hand shape, a single-handed shape, and an ambidextrous shape.
  • Color + Layout Studies
    Adobe Photoshop CS5

    After the initial sketches, one of the forms were arbitrarily chosen to do further studies with.  Besides experimenting with color, button/grip/padding layouts as well as possible parting lines for manufacturing were also explored.
  • Shape and Form Exploration

    These were a series of quick shape and form iterations done in Rhino.  The final form (bottom left corner) was chosen for further refinement.
  • Mouse Parts
    SolidWorks, Photoview 360

    These were the individual part files for the mouse; the completed 3D printed model was produced directly from these three part files.
  • Mouse Assembly, exploded view to show separate parts.
    SolidWorks, Photoview 360
  • Final 3D Printed Appearance Model, Profile View
  • Final 3D Printed Appearance Model, Bottom View

    The mouse was assembled using a self-tapping #6 screw.
  • Mice Material Iterations
    Photoview 360, Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Mice Color Iterations
    Photoview 360, Adobe Photoshop CS5