• Mohammed Alomran is a creative architect focused on interior design projects.The studio based in Saudi Arabia. and its ran by an young architect. Also, Mohammed Alomran has a personal and unique line of products for decoration.
    The identity had to reflect this feel of elegance, creativity and innovation, and It had to have the global brand-mark sense.

  • LOGO concept
    The logo was inspired and reflected the main idea of the Studio that is creativity, elegance and innovation. We used the “M” and “A” first letters  for our brand  and a minimal shape.
    The “Big John” was used to inspire the logotype. 
    Logo Squares
    It’s made of (16 * 9.5) squares size pattern with side size (X) Minimum size for the logo 10 mm. and the clear space is a 3X clear space around the logo
  • Typeface
    English typeface is Gotham
    Arabic typeface is Cairo

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