Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case (Realtone 5143_Redesign)

  • Project Brief
    'Remake Wemake' Project_Realtone 5143

    This project is to redesign the vintage Two-way radio transceiver which has very simple function and shape. The goal is to focus on distinct styling based on original item and usability. If this is currently redesigned, what does it look like and what new features does it provide?
    No signal / Smartphone Case / Bluetooth / Two-way radio

    By combining short-range communication and Bluetooth technology, it is possible to control other devices via smartphone. Expanded usability delivers text, location, and emergency in outdoor activity. In particular, information is communicated between users in areas where regular phone calls are not available.

    Design Direction
    Color - Orange / Ivory / Silver / Black.
    Main Identity - Keeping the front grille for the speaker and mic feature.
    Antenna - Except for the extruded type.
    Usability of existing radio using smartphone display.
    Keeping main physical button and redesign.
  • Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case_Realtone 5143 Redesign
    Material - Fiber Reinforced Plastic / Metal Mesh / Silicone
    Dimensions - 74mm x 154mm x 34mm
  • It was redesigned with the emphasis on harmony of rugged style grille and orange radio communication button.
    The strap of the walkie-talkie is worn on the wrist during outdoor sports to prevent falling.
  • Large capacity lithium-ion batteries serve as secondary batteries for smartphones.
    The built-in antenna at the top of the battery works with the Bluetooth of the smartphone to amplify the signal of the short-distance communication in the area where the signal is weak or not.
  • The redesigned realtone 5143 provides a water-resistant feature for the latest smartphones.
  • You can send text, location and emergency alarm to your team members without signal.
    In addition, you can make radio communications with other users by pressing the physical button on the case. 
    Just like the way you used an old radio. 
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