Domino's PizzAPP

  • Background and Concept

    Domino's, the world leader in pizza delivery, arrives in Italy and offers a new and unique product to the Italian market, on top of an innovative, fun and captivating experience to all consumers. After examining all the elements of the brand, we defined a positioning that could convey Domino's world: a whole new pizza, a whole new experience.
    When defining the App and the communication around it, we focused on a creative concept: the Unexpected. Unexpected is not just a foreign brand using 100% Italian ingredients to make its pizza, but also a whole set of, precisely, Unexpected experiences that people can live thanks to Domino’s. 

    As a matter of fact, the first touchpoint we have developed is the Domino’s Pizza App, where, just to mention the most interesting features, you can order pizza in four different ways: by reading the traditional menu, by selecting each ingredient to create your own pizza, by experiencing the most innovative ways to order: Pizza Match and Lucky Pizza.

  • Fonts - Pizza Press

    The font we used for the Domino's Pizza App could only be named Pizza Press: specifically created and customized for the brand.
    The fonts can be layered in many ways in order to add flexibility, diversity and impact to the brand’s voice, through visual effects.

  • Palette

    We studied the brand to create a graphic style that tells more about Domino’s identity, positioning, and what he really wants to communicate: a unique, innovative and different experience. While keeping Domino’s brand identity original colors and graphic treatments, we used and enhanced the following colors: wood, charcoal, blue and red.

  • Pizza Match

    Who said that our soul mate has to be a person? Thanks to Domino's it can be a pizza too!
    Pizza Match is a Tinder-style interface, based on a native gesture that can now be considered part of our digital habDits: the swipe.

  • Pizza Builder

    Feeling creative? Pizza Builder is the best way to express your creativity!
    By selecting the icons of the ingredients through a simple "tap" you can create your favorite pizza. And if you're proud of your pizza, name it as you want!

  • Lucky Pizza!

    Can’t make up your mind? Are you curious? Try Lucky Pizza! An option that meets everyone’s needs: through a random-based system you can choose your pizza and receive discounts or win an "add-on".

  • Illustrations

    Mainly used as part of the on-boarding experience, the illustrations create a pop atmosphere within the application. This particular style is given by over 70 hand drawn icons that recall an emoji-friendly and digital world.

  • Thanks for watching

    Designed with love by Alkemy. Currently available in Italy.
    More countries coming soon.

    Pss… Download the app and you’ll get a coupon for a free pizza!