Understanding Humans

  • Understanding Humans is an educational set of booklets and flashcards that describe universal human concepts to nonhumans. The materials are produced by the Council on Interspecies Understanding, which facilitates interaction between mankind and emerging sentient animals on Earth. CISU presents the breadth of human life (good, bad, individual, and collective) in a visual language which a highly evolved animal could understand.

    This improves upon the Golden Record and Arecibo Message, which are lopsided in their portrayal of mankind, and unlikely to be understood by their intended audience (extraterrestrials).
  • The project utilizes a visual language for the universal, and the individual. The "Human Concepts" booklets use primarily the universal, with red, black, and yellow. These are the first colors recognized and named as language develops.

    The "Concepts and Feelings" flash cards below use the individual visual language. With painting, the cards introduce associations humans have between emotion, texture and color.
  • For more detail into the research process and CISU brand, click here.