• ZOUKHROF is an Arabic word which means ornament and pattern. ZOUKHROF is a form of artistic decoration used in the Arab world since ancient times so far. 
    We used the word ‘ZOUKHROF’ to be our agency`s name because of its artistic and creative impact which represent the mission and vision of our agency. 
    ZOUKHROF is a multinational marketing and advertising agency located in Syria.

    Mood board description
    As the word suggests, the name ‘ZOUKHROF’ means ornament or pattern, so the board was based on Arabic ornament, calligraphy, decoration elements and dynamic shapes.

  • LOGO concept
    We used the Square shape which is the most used shape in Arabic ornaments and designed a word mark inspired from the Kufi Square 
    font. and the flexibility part for the agency appears in the letters dots and there movement to the axes.

    The Square Kufi font was used to inspire the logotype. 

  • Logo Squares
    It’s made of (14.25 * 10.5) squares size pattern with side size (X) and (X/2) space between every square and other.
  • Brand Colors
    The colors of the brand are inspired by the colors which were used in the decoration of the old buildings in Syria (Black,White and Beige).
    We've used the color black and white because they represent strength and elegant and we replaced the beige with yellow because it gives more creativity and modernity to our brand.

  • Typeface
    English typeface is Campton
    Arabic typeface is GE SS Two

  • Logo System
    The logo system is based on three main axes come from the space between the letters dots. And they takes a horizontal and vertical status.The space between the axes is (2X,4.25X).

  • Pattern System
    The pattern concept is to use an Arabic ornaments in a modern way.We use some of ornament and we put dots in every intersection the shape has, so we got the first pattern then we can Double the pattern with any angle we want and use it with Square to have our final pattern. 

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