A Book About Playing Cards

    A project in which I take on different creative challenges to create my own book.

  • My vision for this project was to create a book dedicated to the traditional illustrations and characters of playing cards. In this book I portrayed these characters in my own way. For this project I experimented with a technique that I hadn't tried before, which is laser-cutting into wood.

    To be able to work correctly with a laser-cutter, I asked for advise from the person that handles the laser-cutter, he advised me to create the following document.

  • The laser-cutter works in the following way, it registers all red lines with a thickness of 0,25pt as lines that it has to cut out entirely. So with the above document the laser cutter would cut out the pattern in the middle, creating a structure in wood making it flexible to bend. This would be the cover of my book.

    As you can see, the illustration of the king playing card is colored (mostly) in dark grey tones. The reason for this is to allow the laser-cutter to engrave the wood into different layers, ranging from the darkest tones to be engraved the deepest, and the lighter tones wouldn't be engraved as deep, which creates a layered effect on the wood.

  • As you can see, the wood is engraved into different layers.

  • -                   Thanks for watching!                   -