One Sketch Every Day

    As an artist I thought it would be fun to create a drawing every day in a format that was not so serious. It has been interesting and challenging to maintain the discipline, and now more than 200 drawings later, the project is more than halfway along.

    This book and these drawings are not about sustaining a single idea - although I have discovered that I enjoy revisiting certain notions again and again -  or necessarily creating finished or polished pieces. It is more about starting with one mark, and seeing where it takes me.
    I don't like every sketch I make, but the rules are to finish what I start and live with the mistakes. I sometimes use a dipping pen and ink but most often I work with Staedtler pigment liners or Sakura Pigma Micron 01 markers and there are no options to start over . . .

    I will upload new content as I complete each 4 page spread, approximately 2 spreads per week. The first image below will always be the most recent set of drawings.