36daysoftype 2017

  • #36daysoftype
    I started to learn 3d a few months ago, I ran a 365 days challenge (reached 50s the day
    I am posting this). The 36daysoftype challenge started and was a great fit to my
    challenge because it gave me themes to
    work on. I couldn't get all of my ideas into the
    ground, but something is better than nothing. It opened  a door for me to explore more
    typography 3d in the future. I'll finish them all ISA and I'll post them here whenever I could,
    so this list will be updated with time. Hope you like it, and I am open to all kind of
    comments and feedback so feel free to drop one.

  •      D for door
  •      L for loop
  •      M for Mawaseer (pipes in Arabic) or mechanics
  •      R for rusted
  •      S for steel v1
  •      T for tv
  •      V for vanilla ice cream
  •      S for steel v2
  •      "7" for seven useless calls