C12 : H22 : O11 #0M:AR:IE

  • # 0M : AR : IE 
    18"x24", mixed media, 2016

    C12 : H22 : O11
    Project about perception of time

    This Project includes 5 mixed-media digital paintings on wood panels which discuss human perception of time by color and form. Generated by portraits in oil, each is an individual memory, the present shot and future imagined, these works deconstruct specific narratives into expressive abstraction and fictional texts to present complex impressions and emotions toward our time. The project name is the chemical formula of sugar in a form of a digital clock referring to how sweetness and bitterness comes and goes by every second.   


    Opening Night & A Cosmos of Hope
    8 December 2016 - 12 December 2016
    DeKalb Gallery
    Pratt Institute
    200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn