Bosch x Drone for Emergency

  • What if I design a drone in BOSCH?
    I considered sturdy and durable 'Drones' for disaster situation like an earthquake, fire scene and flood.
    The basic mission of this drone is to find quickly the victims who are not able to be reached by rescue crews in a rough situation.

    Bosch X Drone for Emergency / Concept Design
    Material / Carbon Fiber & Fiber Reinforced Plastic
    Battery life / 45min ~ 1hr
    Dimensions / 490mm x 475mm x 125mm

    Designed By Sejung Oh
    All Pictures cannot be copied without permission Copyright ⓒ PDF HAUS

  • Key Concept is including 'BOSCH' power tool identity such as power, sturdy, solidity and durability. 
  • Developing top and side design with ideation sketches.
    The points of main body study are about dynamic edge lines of a top part and sturdy guard of a bottom part. 
    Also, 'BOSCH' primary colors such as blue, gray and red are tone downed for emphasizing heaviness of drones.
  • Landing legs can be detached as needed and be customized with various patterns or marks such as red cross, caution, and emergency.
  • The circular bottom part of motors includes advanced thermal sensor and motion sensor to search moving objects or humans quickly.
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    Designed By Sejung Oh with PDF HAUS
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