• "Spunga Marrow" Installation Proposal - Body Prostheticism 

    A Form:
    The stairwell, which stretches from the ground, to the roof has an internal, connecting structure which helps it to support the building; it’s like a bone. Thus, I designed bone marrow as a body prosthetic to connect across stairwell's interior in a morphing, organic way. Its form is made out of multiple strands that flow in and out of each other, creating voids in between. On a human scale, these voids would allow a person to climb and hide inside of it.     

     A Narrative Triptych: 
    An exhausted architecture student walks down the stairs after pulling an all-nighter, only to find a strange, twisting form before him. He likes it, and approaches. He  realizes that it is comfortable for him. He falls asleep in one of its nooks, but as he sleeps, something strange happens. He is transported into another world, a better world. A world of innocent creatures, flowing nature, peace, and ease.  The spunga tree had outstreched its roots to retrieve him, and he fell into it, gladly.       
  • Model of "Spunga Marrow"
  • In the 1954 film The Creature From the Black Lagoon, a half-man, half-fish does all he can to win his love, a human girl. He is unstoppable, until he was shot in the chest by a gun.  I designed a bullet-proof vest for the creature, inspired by the texture of his scales, and designed two advertisements for the old film. I made this first ad through photo-montage, inspired by a poster I found advertising the film Nosferatu.                        
  • I modeled this second advertisement after romance novel cover illustrations.
  • I 3D modeled an eyelash curler on Rhinoceros, paying attention to its intricate mobile components, engravings, and joints. I then rendered it, sampling various materialities, reflectivity, and texture. Afterwards, I designed two advertisements for the product, featuring my renderings. This advertisement followed a magazine page aesthetic.
  • Advertisement two - Vintage aesthetic