MAT Dormitory in Brooklyn

  • A building explosion reveals the building's dense interior and double-loaded corridor unit arrangement.
  • Plans of the second (left) and third (right) floors. On the second floor, there is a print lab, a lounge area overlooking the ground floor, and a few residential units. The third floor contains purely residential units. 
  • Detailed facade section
  • Typical upper bedroom level of every two-story unit. Most units have private balconies, and all have half-baths.
  • Typical lower level of each double-story unit. Each unit has a kitchen, dining/lounge area, and bathroom. Some may also have single bedrooms.
  • Central stair and elevator core. Elevators are skip-stop, allowing for lounges every other floor.
  • Three unit types.
  • Massing strategies. The far left was selected.
  • 'Mat Building' as a typology concept drawing.