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    Urban Stages presents Catharsis (a season for three plays)
    Apostasy, Coyote on a Fence and Live Girls
  • Whether we would like to admitto this statement or not, “A majority ofus, human beings, are social creatureswho enjoy exchanging thoughts andfeelings.” We enjoy conversing withdifferent people especially with whom wefind a common ground. In each of thethree plays, “Coyote on a Fence”, “LiveGirls”, and “Apostasy”, there aresocial interactions which takes placeand exploits each character’s point ofview on disputable topics, such as thedeath penalty, homosexuality, andreligion. In the end, how will thesecharacters release tension on topicswhich are subjected to debate and controversy?


    “Apostasy” by Gino Dilorio
    Sheila is a successful Jewishbusinesswoman faced with terminalillness. Judaism’s teachings no longerprovide the comfort she seeks. Dr.Julius Strong, a charismatic blacktelevangelist walks off the TV screenand into her fragile life. She mustchoose between his arms or the arms ofher daughter. This sexually chargeddrama embraces life’s ironic twists andturns.

    “Coyote on a Fence” by Bruce Graham
    Illiterate but likeable, Bobby Reyburnis a funny young guy who loves to doimpressions. He’s a member of the AryanNation, a racist predator convicted of ahorrific crime. John Brenan is educated and arrogant, a serious writer who may only be guilty of doing society a favor. As each awaits his faith, one evokes sympathy, the other derision. In vivid scenes, Coyote on a Fence explores the disturbing question : Can one be innocent until proven guilty? This penetrating new drama offers no clear verdict, just utterly compelling theatre.
  • Brochure for the season of Catharsis with Calendar/Poster and Mail-in Order form for tickets.
  • Promotional Item for the season of Catharsis. Handmade Journal. There is stress on the "r" and it says : "release: take a pen or pencil and write down your thoughts in this here book-a-majiggy.