Bedlamball Demo Art Assets

  • Above: Title and Player characters, in Team blue and Team orange colors
    Below: Splash screen painting and it implemented in the first screen of the game so far
  • Below: User Interface assets for the game, as well as a the┬ábanner art for its booth in the MAGFest Indie Games area
  • Below: Ship and asteroid ball colorization options. We went with the yellow ball and the blue/ orange-red ships
  • Below: silhouettes for the character Randy, who has a d20 dice for a head (idea was from the developer)
  • Win poses for the three current characters, wearing the blue suits
  • Lose poses, mixed suit colors
  • Characters will emote during gameplay. So far we have happy, thinking, and upset expressions
  • The gameplay background and how it looked a few months ago in-game. More [updated] screenshots coming soon!
  • Promotional Scamp painting for my business cards at MAGFest