• This two story penhouse level office locates in 500 Park Ave. New York. Which is suppose to be a work place for An International Design and Innovation Consulting Firm "IDEO".
    Based on the research of sustainabe precedents and philosophy of the firm. This four week project was desiged in a clear strategy of "Three Hierarchical Space" ---- Central Reflection space, Middle Public Supporting Space, and Indivdual Creativity Space. Which were reflected to Central Courtyard, Middle Library/Conference Rooms, and Individual Creativity Workstations.
    For sustainable issue, this project explored variety possibilities to introduce the most effective natural ventilation and daylighting, provide a healthier, more participatory environment for users.

  • Site & Building
  • Sustainable Precedents Study
  • Space Sustainable Strategy
  • 10th Floor Plan
  • Penhouse Level Plan
  • Roof Top Finish
  • Interior Elevation
  • Interior Elevation
  • Workstation Design
  • Workstation & Library Rendering
  • Interior Vs. Exterior