Global Family Farms

  • Global Family Farms 
    A company on a mission to create economic opportunity for impoverished rural farmers by connecting them with international markets. We partnered with Global Family Farns to develop a new brand identity to go along with the launch of their first product, Sherpa Power Tea. As a startup business, we worked with GFF to provide design and strategic direction for their brand, even taking a small stake in their business.

    We worked closely with the CEO to create a system for launching new products. We wanted the consumer to begin the understand the vastness of the effort of GFF and the impact they could take a part in. The seal  became a visual badge of honor, adorning all the subsidiaries with more than just being healthy and organic, but with the promise of a global food system that is equitable, transparent and sustaining to all life.

    Project Type: Identity, Branding 
    Year: 2015


    Taken from the hills in the brand seal, the alternating chevron design is adapted to represent the exchange taking place between farmer and consumer. The symbiotic relationship benefitting both international farmers with the fair wages of western markets, and consumers with organic high quality products from local farms they can trust. 


    By sampling satellite imagery from google earth we were able to incorperate the visual landscape of the farm into the design. We are able to create a more intimate connection between the consumer and local farmers by immersing them in the environment where their products come from.