Bioshock Infinite Concept Art

  • For this assignment, I was tasked with creating 3 character designs and 3 environment designs that fit within the world and art style of Bioshock Infinite. 
  • Character design 1: CRAZED ZEALOT
    For this character, I took influence from the fraternal order of the raven. The crazed zealot was once a zealot of the lady, but has long since been driven mad. Living within the storerooms and attic of the brotherhood headquarters, the Crazed Zealot has no interest in harming the player.  He is often seen tinkering and tending to the ravens.
  • Character design 2: AUTOMATON RAVEN
    As the crazed zealot tinkered with the broken automatons he found, he eventually longed for company. He built himself an automaton raven as a companion. If Booker approaches the crazed zealot, the zealot will run and hide. If he continues to pursue him and attacks the zealot, the automoton raven will come to his defense. While the zealot is cowardly and fragile, his raven is strong, quick, and about the size of a large dog.

  • Character design 3: Lunatic Zealot
    When Booker travels to the alternate reality where Elizabeth has turned evil, he may encounter the Zealot again. Unlike his previous incarnation, This Zealot is upset and broken. He can be found slumped in his previously lively attic, and can even be seen weeping. With his ravens gone, Elizabeth's asylum broke him down. If the player character approaches the Lunatic Zealot, he will not run. If Booker attacks, The lunatic Zealot dies in one hit.